Podcast: adecuo, adecúo

David Callejo y yo empezamos preguntándonos si se debe decir adecuo o adecúo, licuo o licúo, pero el cambio de modelo de conjugación de estos verbos acaba dándonos pie para reflexionar sobre la forma en que cambian las lenguas.

Will Standing Desks Change the Way Students Learn?

STAND AND DELIVER--LITERALLY: Teachers stand for most of the day. Why not students? A new piece from Mindshift outlines research that shows how standing desks can positively affect students suffering from health issues like obesity and attention disorders. Also included in the article is an intervie

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Dictado en vivo

Esta idea para principiantes que practican fonética y el abecedario tuvo mucho éxito en el aula china, con alumnos recién estrenados en secundaria. Nada de escribir palabras en una hoja, ¡hagámoslas cobrar vida!


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Not Just a Dream: Jessie Woolley-Wilson on the Future of Education

A DREAMBOX DREAM: "I would like to see tech doing less drill and kill," says DreamBox CEO, Jessie Woolley-Wilson, in an interview with GeekWire. "I don't want technologies to be so focused on curriculum and competence that they lose sight of how important it is to inspire kids to try something they

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Sequoia Leads $55M Deal to Grow Online English Platform in China

51TALK: $55 million to Beijing-based online English education company, 51Talk, in a Series C round led by Sequoia Capital, with existing investors Shunwei Capital and DCM also participating. The deal was announced on the company's Weibo account. Founded in 2011, 51Talk claims over three million user

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