$600K to NoteBowl for Collegiate Social Learning Platform

NOTEBOWL: $600,000 to Scottsdale, AZ-based NoteBowl in a seed round from MagniPro Ventures. Founded in 2011, NoteBowl offers a social learning platform for college students, including private groups, messages, agendas and Hangouts on Air, which allows users to broadcast lectures, integrated with a Q

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How to Search Twitter for Educational Content

"Perform a Twitter search" is one of the suggestions that I often make to teachers who ask me how they can find more resources for the subjects tha

Save Time with These Free Summarizing Tools

Innovative educators always want to know the latest and greatest tools and resources for teaching and learning. The problem is they are busy people and keeping up with what's new takes a lot of time! If this sounds like you, you'll be happy to learn about these free tools that summarize reading.

Tools 4 Noobs Summarize Tool


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A Simple iPad Model For Teaching

TEST ipad-model-for-teachersA Simple iPad Model For Teaching 
by TeachThought Staff
At TeachThought, we love models and frameworks.

Coma con ‘no obstante’

En la lengua actual la expresión no obstante se aísla con comas del resto de la oración en la que aparece. Se pueden dar tres situaciones dependiendo de la posición que ocupe:
(1) No obstante, Sisebuto no se dejaba asustar fácilmente.
(2) Sisebuto, no obstante, no se dejaba asustar fácilmente.
(3) Sisebuto no se dejaba asustar fácilmente, no obstante.

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