Fangoria: Hombres

Fangoria es un grupo español de música electrónica formado por Alaska, que proporciona la voz principal y Nacho Canut que se ocupa de los teclados y ocasionalmente del bajo. Fangoria ha vendido alrededor de 37 millones de discos en todo el mundo. Desde 1999 (una década después de su creación) han conseguido canciones exitosas.

El último disco del grupo, fue publicado el 12 de febrero de 

A Better Way to Study Through Self-Testing and Distributed Practice

As I prepared to write this column, I relied on some pretty typical study techniques. First, as I’ve done since my student days, I generously highlighted key information in my background reading. Along the way, I took notes, many of them verbatim, which is a snap with digital copying and pasting. (Gotta love that command-C, command-V.) Then I reread my notes and highlights. Sound familiar? Students everywhere embrace these techniques and yet, as it turns out, they are not particularly good ways to absorb new material. At least not if that’s all you do.

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7 Good Tools for Surveying Your Audience

Games like those you can make on Kahoot and Socrative are great for review activities. However, you don't always need to play a full game to gauge your students' understanding of a topic. And other times you just need a quick way to anonymously survey your class. Here are some tools that you can use to poll your students or any other audience.

Educators Can't Help Homeless Students if They Can't Identify Them

At the beginning of my fifth grade school year, my family was homeless, or as some say, transitional— meaning an individual who is a resident in temporary housing. We lived in hotels for a period of time. And we would “double up,” which means to live with other families.

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