3 Tips to Incorporate Social-Emotional Learning Into Everyday Literacy Instruction

As school leaders across the country seek to adopt social-emotional learning (SEL) as a formal part of curriculum, one question keeps surfacing: How can educators weave SEL into a day already bursting with “have-to’s” and “must-do’s”?

Advancing Data Interoperability in Public Education—3 Pain Points and Their Solutions

Remember your paper mache days? Globbing a bunch of unrelated newspaper scraps together to assemble a lumpy self-portrait? Now imagine that in order to evaluate what you learned, your teacher has to carefully deconstruct your mask, read each gluey snippet, and make a determination about your learning. A lack of data interoperability in education is like asking a teacher to understand a student’s performance by:

Building Social Connections for LGBTQ Students with Data and Tech-Enhanced Curriculum

More than a year after a national debate on which bathrooms transgender students in North Carolina should be able to use, sexuality and gender have remained contentious issues in public K-12 schools.

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5 Ways Video Games Transform Learning and Prepare Students for Tomorrow's Jobs

Every year, it seems increasingly difficult to predict what tomorrow’s workplace will look like. With the advent of each new technology—like AI, automation, VR/AR, and nanotechnology—comes economic shifts that demand different skills from employees and creates new challenges for both employers and educators.

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