Why John Doerr Invests in Edtech

MINDNUMBING NUMBERS: It’s no surprise that John Doerr, partner at venerable VC firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, likes big numbers. The dramatic uptick in smartphone adoption by students is one of the main reasons, he explains, for why he’s invested in companies like Remind, Duolingo and K

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Lanzamiento del nuevo sistema Huayra Linux para educación

A casi cuatro meses del lanzamiento de la versión 2.0, hoy se presenta una nueva actualización de Huayra. La misma incluye varias novedades entre las que se destaca Huayra-Caripela, una aplicación original, dinámica y muy sencilla de usar que permite generar avatares que pueden servir, por ejemplo, para personalizar la configuración de los usuarios de Huayra.

Finalmente, Huayra 2.1 cuenta

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The Secret Class at Harvard's Teaching Hospital

How Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess is keeping it all in the family.

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?What’s Happened With Student Data Privacy in 2014?

YEAR OF DATA: How have policymakers protecting students' privacy? By doing what they do best: passing over 20 new laws and introducing 110 bills. Here’s a summary (PDF) of all of them from the Data Quality Campaign (DQC). In an accompanying paper, DQC breaks down the proposed legislations according

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State-By-State Analysis of Common Core Rollout

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: With all the flip-flopping, arguments and lawsuits, keeping track of Common Core implementation across the nation can be tough. (Where are the Animaniacs when you need them?!) Luckily, the Associated Press has put together a state-by-state synopsis of adoption and reactions, fr

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California Governor, Jerry Brown Appeals Vergara Ruling

WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU? California governor, Jerry Brown, is standing on the side of teachers. The New York Times reports that the Brown filed a one-page appeal to the Vergara v. California ruling that found teacher tenure to be unconstitutional. (The ruling was upheld in a final review by Los

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