Evaluación decente

Centros pequeños con seis o siete docentes y grandes institutos con centenares de ellos. Escuelas rurales y colegios urbanos. Barrios de lujo y áreas marginales. Funcionarios interinos que no han pasado nunca por una oposición y funcionarios de carrera que han aprobado varias. Interinos que han aprobado muchos exámenes y ninguna oposición y funcionarios de carrera que, por azar, aprobaron a la

Different Definitions of Personalized Learning Conflict, Cause Confusion

If you do a Google image search for “classroom,” you’ll mostly see one familiar scene: rows or groups of desks, with a spot at the front of the room for the teacher.

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How to Create Show Your Work Questions on GoFormative.com

Last week at the EdTech Teacher Summit in Boston I gave a presentation about formative assessment (you can see the slides here). GoFormative.com was one of the tools that I featured in my presentation. One of the key features of GoFormative is the "show your work" question type that allows students to draw responses to questions.

Hack Education Weekly News

Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles. All this feeds the series I write each December on the stories we are told about the future of education. (That series isn’t going to be much of one this year… And frankly, this Friday thing is going to be paused for the duration of Teaching Machines book-writing, starting quite soon. So enjoy all this educational doom while you can.)

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Andalucía en ICEF Berlin y London Language Show 2018

La semana pasada se celebraron dos de los eventos más importantes para la promoción de la enseñanza de idiomas: ICEF Berlin 2018 y London Language Show 2018. Ambos contaron con una gran presencia de empresas e instituciones andaluzas.

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