Bridget Burns' Call to Edtech Entrepreneurs: 'Start With Empathy'

Bridget Burns sees plenty of "superheroes"—26-year-old Silicon Valley types with good intentions, yet little understanding, for how to change higher education. Burns is executive director of the University Innovation Alliance, a coalition of 11 public research universities focused on making quality college degrees accessible to a diverse body of students. The UIA serves 400,000 students, more than a quarter of whom receive Pell grants, across member institutions. 

Can Marketing Automation Bring College Enrollment Numbers Up?

Universities operate a business at the end of the day, and attracting prospective and current students and alumni are integral in keeping the school afloat.San Mateo, CA-based marketing software company Marketo announced today a growth of 44 education customers who have signed on, renewed or expanded their agreements from January to July 2016. From January to July 2013, Marketo had 28 such customers, according to a Marketo spokeswoman.

How A Makerspace in Juvenile Hall Helps Young People See Their Value

Unlike many teachers who choose to work in schools because they were good students themselves, Michelle Carlson understands what it’s like to hate school. As a kid she couldn’t see the point of any of the material she was supposed to learn, and working for good grades without a clear reason wasn’t enough to motivate her. She did eventually graduate high school and went to college because her parents told her it was an important way to gain financial independence.

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“Get Out From Behind That Computer!” Why the Brain Benefits When Students Talk and Move Around

When I was a student, my high school English teacher was a bit quirky; she asked her students to create a dance that correlated with a “rap” about helping verbs—a rap that she had developed herself. As a group of 16-year-olds, we brainstormed dance moves that would help us memorize helping verbs, and designed a dance with content that I still remember to this day.Now that I’m a teacher, I do the same. I give my students opportunities in class to get involved and connect with the content by using different songs, actions, and/or activities.

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S'Cool Tools, Teacher Voice Edition: IRIS Connect, The Graide Network, Istation Reading

This week in S’Cool Tools, we share the real experiences of three teachers using three different tools, written in their own words. If you’d like to be featured in our S’Cool Tools column, click here to leave your very own Teacher Case Study.

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