Blackboard Co-Founder Urges ‘Disarmament’ Between Edtech Companies and Academics

Matthew Pittinsky wants the equivalent of disarmament talks between edtech companies and colleges. There’s still reflexive distrust in the academy of anything non-profit, he says. And he admits industry leaders bear some responsibility, since many haven’t done enough to understand the unique culture of higher education.

Why ‘Personalized Learning’ Can Feel So Impersonal

Why does personalized learning, ironically, feel so impersonal?
Personalized learning, in its broadest application, suggests tailoring instruction to meet the needs, strengths and interests of each learner. Great teachers already do that everyday—with or without technology. It should be a goal both broad and laudable enough to unite teachers and technologists, parents and policymakers.

A Student Agency Game Plan—How to Use Data to Bridge Choice and Accountability

A few years ago, Harvard’s Achievement Gap Institute conducted a study on teaching and student agency. The study recognized agency as potentially “…as important an outcome of schooling as the skills we measure with standardized testing.” Indeed, when students take ownership of their education, they become more invested in the outcome. Learning about things that fascinate them helps them pay closer attention, process more efficiently, and engage in critical thinking.

Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad on Creativity, Diversity, and the Humanities Crisis

If he weren’t making podcasts, Jad Abumrad believes he would be teaching high school. The host and creator of the popular series Radiolab has obviously found another calling, but that didn’t stop him from giving educators a little advice on how to engage students. It boils down to this: There’s a benefit to being lost, and that should be shared.

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Decálogo para el/la profesor/a de ELE

Hace unas semanas leí un artículo de la periodista argentina Leila Guerriero titulado "Arbitraria" en el que da una serie de consejos para periodistas noveles. Cuando lo leí, me llamaron la atención algunas de las inusuales recomendaciones de la autora y el hecho de que muchas de ellas se corresponden … Continue reading

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Teachers at ISTE Share Their Definitions of Personalized Learning...and They’re All Different

Perhaps it was the soft jazz playing in the background, or the tranquil turquoise blue accenting all the signage. Or maybe the frenzy of testing is finally over, giving way to a chance to relax and unwind. Whatever it was, for an event with more than 1400 booths, sessions and workshops and 21,000 attendees, ISTE’s annual conference kicked off with more of a breeze than a bang.

Ya, ya

Hace un par de meses, en un viaje a Lisboa (Portugal), vi esta obra de una artista callejera valenciana, Julieta XLF:

Lisboa (Portugal)

La razón por la que pongo aquí la foto no es la obra de Julieta (que, por otro lado, me gusta mucho), sino las palabras que están debajo, que no sé si también las escribió ella o alguien las escribió después: ya ya ya.

La palabra ya  es de uso muy

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